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Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. That’s why Mattress 1st builds beds in 23 factories across the USA to the same exacting standards.  In our local retail stores, you will find beds from a variety of manufacturers.  Our partners are independent and the selection varies by location.  Visit one of our local mattress stores near you to find the perfect mattress at an affordable price.

Our mattress products combine proven quality construction standards with innovative components to provide you with remarkable rest.

  • Innerspring mattresses, long the standard for mattress construction, provide a tried-and-true option for sleep surfaces.
  • Individually-wrapped coils reduce motion transfer by isolating each coil in the bed in its own capsule. These models make an excellent choice for those who share a bed with a loved one.
  • Foam mattresses that relieve pressure with viscoelastic memory performance
  • Gel-infused memory foam helps transfer heat away from your body, allowing you to sleep more restfully on a cooler, supportive surface.
Designed and Built in the U.S.A
Mattress 1st was developed by Furniture First members to help them bring quality mattresses at lower prices to their communities. Their grass root efforts began in 2002 when a committee of twelve retailers met to outline their vision for the brand and dictate the standards of construction that would be followed. The lineup has evolved over the past decade and a half, incorporating new and innovative features along the way, but always with the same aim in mind: a quality bed at an affordable price.