Luxury Living Collection
Luxury Living Collection

In our busy world, remaining still is a luxury. Stillness is needed for quality sleep. Studies have shown that sleepers move dozens of times per night. If you sleep with a partner, then your sleep movements may disturb them as much as their movements disturb you. That's why we build our Luxury Living Collection around Individually Wrapped Coils. Individually Wrapped Coils respond to the sleeper independently and absorb motion as they provide support. You get a better quality of sleep because you are undisturbed by motion. Several comfort options, created by layers of foam and fiber over the wrapped coils, are available in the Luxury Living Collection so you can find the right level of comfort.

Wrapped Coils Demo
Individually Wrapped Coils respond to the sleeper independently.
Wrapped Coils
Individually Wrapped Coils with Foam Edge Support

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